The beginning of "Herz-Spiele":

When my daughter was 2 years old, curious and eager to try out new things, that children of that age often do, I tried to find a game to teach her the right acting in dangerous situations, but I didn’t find anything that convinced me.  And so the idea was born, to design an educational worthy game myself.  The many discussions with child psychologists, nursery school teachers and teachers have helped me enormously.  The result is a game, that would interest you, if the matter of “child safety” is close to your heart.

The invention of that game up to the organisation of its production has become to my passion, from which I had founded “Herz-Spiele”. There should follow further games.

After the game for the child safety the game, the strategy game "BallCube" follows in the same year.

In the meantime, BallCube is replaced by the new model "BallCube 2.0". Since its launch in June 2012 the game is sold exclusively by the "Wissenschaft-Shop".

As in August 2013 a world wide licence agreement between Herz-Spiele and Family Games Inc. was concluded, BallCube 2.0 will be sold by Family Games America, a canadian games publisher, and its partners.
The exclusive sales in Germany will be continued by the Wissenschaft-Shop in 2014. 

The new product "BlindPuzzle" will be launched in Germany in April 2014. Herz-Spiele looks for licensees in other continents and countries.


My games adheres to all  EU-Guidelines/-standards (DIN EN 71 and REACH) and the ethical guidelines (ICTI).